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Learn English playing touch rugby

Photo de touch rugby avec insert de bulles en Anglais

Description de l’atelier en anglais

L’atelier touch rugby est une activité 2 en 1 idéale car :

Stagiaires : tout public, collaborateurs et dirigeants.


Ils aiment cet atelier en anglais

Format de l'atelier linguistique touch rugby

Durée : 1h30

Pré-requis : pouvoir courir et arriver en tenue de sport.

Terrain : parcs, stade nantais (boulevard des anglais), autres stades ou sur le lieu de l’entreprise (si terrain praticable).

Équipement fourni : ballon de rugby.

Tarif et conditions

Tarif : à partir de 95 euros / collaborateur pour un team building.

Devis : sur mesure pour dirigeants ou autre demande.

Les bénéfices pour les apprenants

Formateur intervenant
Robert Adams (called Roy)

I played a lot of rugby at school, university and then for clubs, initially in Northern Ireland and later in England where I played (mostly) at number 10 for Worcester Warriors.

Close to the end of a successful career (Chief Executive of a company called Building Design Partnership). I moved to France with my French wife Pascale and our son Gabriel.

Shortly after arriving in Nantes 7 years ago, I started to play rugby for the veterans team at Stade Nantais and became a coach in the Ecole de Rugby (with Diploma from the Regional authority - Pays de La Loire Rugby).
I also play touch rugby : a fast-developing sport because it does not involve tackling - organized by Pays de La Loire Rugby. I have recently started up as a coach, and player, for an adults touch rugby session every Monday evening at Stade Nantais.
The majority of players have no previous rugby experience and social connections have developed very quickly.