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Learn English playing music

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Description de l’atelier en anglais

L’atelier musique est une activité 2 en 1 idéale car elle permet :

Stagiaires : tout public, collaborateurs et dirigeants.


Ce que vous direz de cet atelier

Format de l'atelier linguistique musique

Durée : 1h30

Atelier de groupe (1 à 4 personnes) ou atelier individuel.

Pré-requis : aucune expérience musicale requise.

Lieu : sur le lieu de l’entreprise ou en extérieur sur demande.

Équipement : fourni.

Tarif et conditions

Tarif : à partir de 95 euros / collaborateur pour un team building.

Devis : sur mesure pour dirigeants ou autre demande.

Les bénéfices pour les apprenants

Picture of Wanda Atkins

Formatrice intervenante
Wanda Atkins

Music makes our heart beat! Music is used to express of all our emotions.

Originally from Connecticut, USA, my Trinidadian Afro American heritage has always connected me strongly to music. I was fortunate to have musical training and to be part of various musical groups in High school .

When I moved to Europe, I wasn’t sure how that would continue. I had been teaching English since 2006 in companies in the Nantes region.

One day , my uncle sent me his steel drum and said: “you are a musician - go find a group!” Steeldrum in France? Did that even exist? Coincidence showed me how. One summer afternoon, I was taking a stroll in Clisson and found a concert in a park where people were dancing to the hypnotic sound of steel drum. And this is when my passion for steel drum began.

I added a steel drum classes as a workshop for my students and saw the reponse immediately. It ignited curiousity and inspiration.

Steeldrum is the only original instrument created in the 20th century! It’s history is entailed with power of freedom of expression for the masses. All of this from the tiny island of Trinidad and Tobago.

15 years later, I have played in over 100 concerts (festivals, carnivals) in France and England. I am proud to say today that I am now President of the same association I saw that day in Clisson, Calyps’Atlantic , with 67 members.

I enjoy sharing my passion with others and hope to bring you on this voyage of musical discovery.